Job completed for Aaron Denim Hall Room

Completion date: November 18, 2020

Location: Sukran, Mirzanagor, Savar., DK


Why did the customer contact us?

Aron Denim wanted to open a retail shop outlet in Savar, Dhaka yet required an expert team to make the outlet hall nice-looking and attractive. 

What challenges did we face?

The client set a time barrier to do the job yet Rongin, an experienced and professional interior service provider, perform the job in a timely manner in spite of facing difficult issues. 

Solutions provided:

Things that Rongin Interior happily served to its beloved customer:

  • Exhibition hall room false ceiling design.

  • Light design.

  • Fabrics display.

  • Colourwork.

  • Industrial kitchen cabinet.

  • industrial Dining hall. 

Team members on this project:

Md. Ajgor Hossoin Shah,

Photos & Videos:

Ceiling and wall decoration of Aron Denim outlet shop

Aron Denim retail outlet

Aron Denim hall interior design