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Advanced IT Office Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

An IT office is primarily about technical work. Functionality with creative solutions is a must for IT workspaces to provide a great experience for the employees while working. If you are looking for the same for your IT office, we are here for you.

With years of experience, Rongin Interior is providing complete IT office interior design solutions all over Dhaka, Bangladesh. We create designs that suit your office environment the most.

IT office interior design

Why Should You Hire A Professional Designer For IT Office Design?

As IT offices are more about technology, the interior has to be functional and innovative. Only a professional can bring both facilities to your IT office with a proper design. By hiring a professional designer you will -

proper space management
  • Get proper space management: You’ll get the right layout design for your office with proper space management.
  • Avoid error and wastage: A professional IT office interior designer will make sure to design with the suitable equipment that your office needs. So that you can avoid financial wastage.
  • Save time and energy: You don’t have to go through trial-and-error methods to get the right design. A professional designer will do that for you and save you time and energy
  • Get Functionality and Creativity: With enough knowledge and experience professional interior designers can balance between functionality and creativity of your IT office.

Exclusive ​Features of IT Office Interior Design by Rongin

Exclusive ​Features of IT Office
  • Informative and Techy Reception Area: The reception area is a great way to make a positive first impression on visitors and clients. For IT offices it should be both informative and techy
  • Open Office layouts: Although there is much discussion about whether open-plan offices are effective or not, this type of workstation for employees is the most preferable option for IT offices.
  • Different Working Zones: Depending on the client’s need we design different types of working zones such as benching, L-shaped desks, team-station, ergonomic, cubicle desks, etc.
  • Modern Conference Room: Along with large tables and chairs we keep modern equipment like big-screen monitors, all-in-one video conferencing solution, speakers and microphones, whiteboards, etc. while designing a conference room.
  • Proper Cable Management System: This one is very important for any interior, especially for the IT office. Design with the right furniture (that has routing channels for wires) provides better cable management.
  • Pantry areas and coffee points: Employees can enjoy snacks and drinks throughout the day at well-stocked pantry areas. These can range from grab-and-go drinks to full-serve coffee bars with baristas.
  • Choosing the Colors wisely: We choose the right color for an IT office space to keep a better working space (not the colors that have prolonged exposure e.g. red).
  • Keeping It Green: Plants clean and filter the air, reducing pollutants and contributing to a healthier office environment.
Design Process Steps

Our Organized Design Process Steps

  • Consultant with clients and select the right layout
  • Site Measurement and developing initial concept designs
  • Selecting the final design
  • Customize designs if preferable
  • Generates 3D images and models
  • Design finalization and conveying it over to the client
Advanced 3D images and videos

Benefits of Our Service

  • IT office interior design with the most suitable office layout
  • Complete guidance from design planning to execution of the layout
  • Guidance on space management of IT Office Interior
  • Designs by professional and expert designers
  • Trendy and personalized IT Office design ideas
  • We keep your working environment in consideration
  • Quality IT Office design Design at affordable costs
  • Advanced 3D images and videos of the entire design layout
  • Complete and deliver the project on time

People Mostly Ask

While designing the interior of an IT office functionality should be the first priority. With proper tech facilities, it should provide innovation, productivity, and professionalism.

Cubicle or Open office layout is the most suitable for IT offices. It offers the opportunity to focus on work at the same time learn and share thoughts with one another.

A professional office interior design will help you utilize the entire space in a functional, cost-effective, and aesthetically pleasing way.

All over Dhaka, Bangladesh.