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A food court is usually a common eating place in the mall, offering self-serve eating while accommodating circularly or linearly organised restaurants and food retailers. Exclusive and functional food court design is in high demand in Dhaka, Bangladesh, energising shoppers and satisfactorily facilitating.

It's called "Mall Culture," formed and adored by the city population, expects more from a food court, rejecting the idea of placing tables and chairs. The food court design concepts of Rongin Interior consider the user's needs, area, facilities, look, compatibility, transition, tone, theme, and you name it.

Food Court Design

Essential Components of Food Court Design

Surely, quality seating arrangements are needed to make this eating place happen. But what else can be done to entice customers to return to the mall?

  • Hand washing, toilets, and baby care facilities-adequate & are accessible.
  • Appropriate space allocation for smooth movement.
  • Captive interior to flourish the shoppers’ overall experience.
  • Modest waste management system.
  • Better to have some greeneries to escape from boredom.
  • Must enable a brief gateway from the mall’s bustling environs.
Functional Food Court Design

Functional Food Court Design Concepts

For small, simple, exclusive, heavy-duty, or high-stake food court designs, Rongin Interior always implements unique concepts.

Specialists in Clay Wall Decoration

Strong Bengali Aesthetic

Not to mention, people love to see things symbolising their culture, so the Bengalis are. Experts do not go for mud-made items showcasing but focus on crafted tables & chairs, wall decor, centre & corner pieces, etc., resilencing Bengali ideologies and aesthetics.

Food Hall Design

Functioning Seating Arrangements

A common complaint regarding the design of food halls is that it asks individuals to share tables with families and groups, which is often uncomfortable for both parties. Designers at Rongin Interior facilitate individual seating while being highly concerned about infant and child seating. The addition of a waiting area and kids’ zone enhances the value.

A Natural Touch

Malls, like other weekend getaways for city people, exclude natural elements and are filled with artificiality. So, accommodating a green haven inside the eating hall is highly demanded. A small fountain surrounded by indoor plants, while corners and walls have green solutions, is highly appreciated.

Sustainable Food Court

Every day, thousands of people use this very place. The durability of consistent and environmentally-friendly features become core concerns. Experts go beyond the concept of educating users and regulating associated practices concerning each element's quality, serving purposes, heavy-duty features, recycling, etc.

Food Court Design Service

The Commitment of Rongin Interior

Many more to mention; below the listing is the brief showcasing the elegance of service.

  • Capable of addressing every single need of the client.
  • Scheduled project progress reporting.
  • Always meets the deadline.
  • Consultation with the client before implementing strategies.
  • Real-time response.
  • Quality interior design solutions.
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Top Interior Design Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Along with top-notch food court interior design services, Rongin Interior covers almost every interior design you need. Below are some:

Most Common Queries

Along with the interior, the restaurants must have an extensive array of offerings at reasonable prices.

Determining users’ requirements, space allocation, interior idea generation, budgeting, and execution are the professional ways to reach the decoration target.

Research says 540 sq ft is the standard size of a food court. Still, depending on space availability, needs, and other factors, the design can accommodate three tables to a hundred tables.

An outdoor food court is a suitable idea for places with steady weather conditions. In Bangladesh, locations with big trees or sheds are observed as being highly feasible for outdoor communal eating arrangements.