Modern Dressing Unit Design Service in Dhaka

A dressing unit is an essential component of an opulent house interior. Undeniably, it is crucially integrated with the daily lives of women. Traditionally, dressing unit design includes item storage as well as a mirror. Currently, even minimalist couples are favouring modern, strikingly designed dressing units.

Modern dressing unit design solutions are critical to avail of. Expert designers at Rongin Interior in Dhaka, Bangladesh, are highly experienced to provide such. Bureau design ideas, in this case, are categorised into two segments: value additions to existing sets and new dressing unit design ideas.

Value-Adding Modern Dressing Unit Design

If you are good to go with the old vanity table, some small but strategic additions and changes will give it a modern and spectacular look. The following are some strategies for increasing the unit's value and functionality.

Dressing Unit Design
  • Install a perspex organiser to improve visual appeal and item-finding.
  • Position a full-view mirror just beside the unit, with more visuals and privacy.
  • For a small budget, the above can be considered with a foldable curtain set.
  • Just change the old stool, and find a cosy and exclusive one.
  • Place one or two vases or small artworks.
  • Install dimmable, tiny, and colorful lights at the mirror's top.
  • Colour your old dresser, considering the "Go-rustic" approach.
  • Ornament the beside-mirror walls with appropriate and striking paintings.
Modern Dressing Unit Design

Best Modern Dressing Unit Design Ideas

The above value addition approaches may seem easy, but in actuality, without professional supervision, setup decoration can be spoiled. However, the below ideas can benefit you from having a modern dresser.

Modern Dressing Unit Design Ideas

Combined Solution

The most modern design solution is combining the dressing table with a wardrobe. Here, the colour, elements, visual ornamentations, etc. must be matched and have a higher transition. For this, early planning is essential to mix with the bedroom interior’s tone.

Flourish the Mirror

This dressing desk design solution requires more space; a designated corner spot is most desirable. A colossal mirror is a prominent part of this crafting idea. A roof-to-table-height mirror is preferred to a wall mount. Elegantly decorated framing enhances the look substantially.

Total Wall-Mounted Setup

This idea consists of one wall-mounted mirror (a semicircular mirror is the best) and one drawer facility fixed to the wall (not touching the floor or having no legs). Surely, it doesn’t come up with adequate storage for makeup items, perfumes, toiletries, etc. It is gaining popularity among the working-class population with a progressive mindset.

Wall-Mounted Setup

Victorian Design

"Old is Gold", Victorian dressing units are still suitable for modern days. A gentle reminder: this solution is highly expensive, and bedroom interior design appropriateness is needed.

Basics of Dressing Unit Design

A separate dressing unit is still popular. However, many people with limited space are finding creative solutions, such as attaching a mirror to the door of an alcove.

A dresser is simply a clothing storage facility, whereas a dressing unit is used for grooming-related activities and the storage of respective items. A vanity table has a mirror; a dresser doesn’t.

Such a dressing facility offers grooming and more storage for clothes and make-ready items. A multi-functional dressing unit frequently includes provisions for displaying small artefacts.

Vastu-believers should consult with a knowledgeable person about the specifics of their space. In general, a bedside position is good, and East facing is most desirable for natural lighting effects.