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Remarkable Showroom Interior Design Service in Bangladesh

While products are the center of attraction in any showroom or retail outlet, one cannot ignore the importance of providing a memorable experience to the customers.

At Rongin Interior, we have been specifically providing showroom interior design service keeping this in mind. Our interior design professionals offer a complete solution for all kinds of showroom interior needs.

We know, in today’s ‘experience economy’ the impression of an outlet plays a huge role in making a purchase. It also complements your brand value.

We make sure you have a sublime design for your retail store interior and showroom interior to create a lasting memory in customers’ minds.

Showroom Design

What We Offer

We understand that a great first impression goes a long way to turn your visitors into customers. That is why we make sure your showroom holds its appeal to the customers. From a great entrance to the meticulous floor plan, we focus on making the store inviting and keeping your customers engaged.

Customers should feel comfortable navigating through your store. Spatial arrangements should be made in a way that gives easy access to the products. We consider customer behavior in a store and place the interior display in a manner that offers comfort and functionality at the same time.

We know how to utilize every inch of your store to your benefit. Our dedicated team of professionals designs retail shops to give you ample storage space without disrupting the flow of the interior. With the combination of technology and design aesthetics, we can make your small store look spacious.

Applying your brand culture to your physical outlet can be a challenging idea. Our showroom interior designers put a lot of emphasis on connecting your brand with the customers. We strategically elevate your brand to put a mark on the customers’ psychology that leads them to explore more about your franchise.

How We Work

How We Proceed
  • Step 1: Discuss Your Preferences

    Our specialist planner will discuss your priorities and adjustments you want to incorporate in the showroom or retail space.

  • Step 2: Propose a Design

    Once the designer obtains all the information, we will create a unique design for your showroom interior after comprehensive research.

  • Step 3: Make a 3D Model

    We will create a 3D model for you. It will help you to understand how the final outcome will look in reality.

  • Step 4: Work Phase

    After the initial design process, we will start establishing the interior layout. We will finish the setup within the proposed timeline. Feel free to hold a conversation with us so that we can transform your showroom in a way that illustrates your preferred style and bring more revenue to the merchandise.

Glittering Exhibition

These are our piece of cakes for our beloved customers and we are warm heartedly ready for you. Let’s start a new innovation for your property with Rongin Interior.