Luxury Dining Room Interior Design in Dhaka

Luxury Dining Room Interior Design in Dhaka

The dining room is one of the essential areas in our house. This is where we eat together daily or at any family gathering. So the design for a dining space should be interactive and ambiance to feel relaxed while eating.

Whether you are looking for a small dining room design or a spacious one, Rongin Interior can help you with that. We provide interior design services, including all aspects of designing dining room interiors around Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Aspects of Dining Room Interior Design

Rongin Interior Solution always keeps the necessary elements of any space in designs. Key aspects of a dining room are:

Good Lighting with Right Furniture Interior Design

Right Furniture with the Right Layout

Furniture like a table, chairs, and shelves or cabinets are the main elements for any dining room area. So it is important to choose the proper furniture and set them in the right layout.

Good Lighting Fixtures and Flooring

Enough lights in the dining space and a durable flooring design are important. There should’ve enough space and medium for natural light. In case it’s not possible, artificial lighting fixtures can also help to illuminate the space.

Right Wall Color Scheme in Interior Design

Wall Color Scheme

The color of the dining space can set the mood. It should be chosen depending on different styles and Requirements and how often you use the dining space.

Some Decors Elements

Decor elements like false ceilings, mirrors, light pendants, artworks, or wallpaper can give any dining space an elegant look. The requirements of these decors depend on different interior styles.

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Furniture Combination for Dining Room Design

There are different types of furniture to furnish your dining room. We can help you to choose the one that reaches your perspective.

Dining Area with Compact Storage Cabinet

Dining Area with Compact Storage Cabinet

For a dining area in a small space, it’s good to keep compact wall cabinets along with a simple walnut wood table and cushioned chairs. Combined with minimal decor items, this design keeps a seamless look.

Open Dining Room Design

In the open dining room concept, the dining area is merged with the open kitchen or can be separated with partitions. It gives a sophisticated vibe with a simple dining table, chairs, a neutral color scheme, a soft shag rug, and some other decor.

Dining Room with Crockery Unit

Dining Room with Crockery Unit

This is a combination of a wooden dining table and chairs along with a crockery unit on a brick-cladding accent wall. With multiple drawers, the crockery unit provides ample storage space to keep your utensils and cutlery orderly.

Traditional Dining Room

If you want to keep the trend of traditional dining space, this is for you. Furniture like a wooden dining table with upholstered chairs, and a large side cabinet with open and closed units bring the traditional view throughout the dining space.

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Popular Styles for Dining Room Design

We can design your dining space with any of the trending styles, Some popular styles are given below.

Minimalistic Style

Combined with minimal modern furniture and decorations like pendant lights, and potted plants to keep the area simple yet elegant.

Popular Styles for Dining Room Design

Neo-Classical Style

A style with a neutral color combination of walls and furniture, false ceiling with warm lights, etc.

Eclectic Style

A dining space with eclectic style is a mix of decor, artwork, wall art, and bright colors.

Rustic Style

It combines many textures like wooden furniture, antique furnishings, rustic wall decor, and pendant lights.

Industrial Style

Combination of industrial style elements such as open shelved cabinets, geometric wallpaper, partitions, etc.

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Why Consider Rongin Interior Solutions

Why Consider Rongin Interior Solutions?

  • Design that meets your needs and perspective
  • Ensure the functionality with attractive visualization
  • Project planning according to the client's budget
  • Most efficient use of space
  • Great Time management
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People Mostly Ask

A well-designed dining room should inspire conversation among visitors, which implies it shouldn't be too noisy or distracting.

A good dining experience can be enhanced by good food and a welcoming atmosphere.

It is generally a good idea to use basic colors like brown, yellow, or white on the dining table rather than fashionable bright ones as they combine with interior décor smoothly and last longer.

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