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Fresh Outdoor Pavilion Design for A Perfect Backyard

The best outdoor pavilion design is a surefire path to cozy open-air time with family and friends. It becomes your hangout destination with friends and family. The shade offers a cool haven away from the sunlight and rain.

Rongin Interior brings you the top outdoor pavilion design in Dhaka. We install a pavilion in the backyard and other spaces with electrical appliances and cooking stations.

Fresh Outdoor Pavilion Design

Types of Outdoor Pavilions Designed by Rongin

Types of Outdoor Pavilions Designed by Rongin

  • Traditional Pavilions
  • Santa Fe Pavilions
  • Alpine pavilions
  • Hampton pavilions
  • Grand Estate pavilions
  • Traditional A-Frame pavilions
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Outdoor Pavilion Design with All Amenities

Rongin Interior considers your budget and installation needs. For instance, cooking areas may include built-in grill stations or fire pits for cooking and entertaining. Then, our backyard pavilion involves the following -



Metal, wood, or fabric-build roof protects from weather elements.

Posts & Beams:

Strong structural integrity of the posts comes from wood, metal, or a combination. These beams provide stability and durability to the pavilion.



Concrete, pavers, or wood decking provides a stable, lasting flooring surface. So it can withstand intense social gatherings and activities.


Windy locations require partial walls or screens. These installations provide privacy or protection from wind.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical Outlets:

Electrical points cater to your convenient use of lights, fans, and other appliances.


Built-in seating across benches or picnic tables ensures comfortable seating for guests.

Besides, lanterns or string lights give adequate illumination for evening gatherings. Other decorative elements, such as arbors or trellises, add style and character to your pavilion. Ultimately, the design and purpose of the pavilion vary per needs and building codes.

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Spotless Outdoor Pavilion Design in Bangladesh

Rongin Interior fixes all drawbacks associated with building an outdoor pavilion. Exclusive drainage and soundproofing help you enjoy the atmosphere even more. Let’s explore our expert pavilion decor services -

  • Handling weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rainfall.
  • Strong safety regulations on materials, size, and placement.
  • An affordable outdoor pavilion containing high-end materials and custom features.
  • Regular maintenance from cleaning and repainting to prevent damage.
  • Tackling obstacles such as trees, rocks, or uneven terrain to work around.
  • Warm lighting enhances the natural beauty of the surrounding area.

Rongin Interior provides comprehensive interior services. We can also install privacy screens to minimize distractions and maintain a peaceful environment.

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Rongin Interior Brings Everything to the Table

Design Expertise

We deliver a complete range of pavilion design provisions, including -

  • Design Expertise
  • Complete Project Management
  • Quality Products & Materials
  • Customized Solution
  • Meticulous Attention
  • Flexible Customer Support
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Alternatives to Outdoor pavilion

Overriding costs may often drive you to consider other backyard shades. But their uses and objectives could be slightly different from a pavilion. We have shortlisted a few below -

  • Pergola: This free-standing structure features open latticework on the sides and roof. Vines or other climbing plants can be trained to grow on the lattice for added shade and a more natural look.
  • Gazebo: An enclosed structure with walls and a roof. They offer more protection from the sun, wind, and rain. Gazebos can come in multiple shapes and styles, from traditional octagonal designs to more modern rectangular structures.
  • Umbrella: This portable frame provides shade and is easy to set up and take down. They have many sizes and styles, including freestanding, table-mounted, and cantilever options.
  • Awning: A retractable roof attaches to the side of your home or a freestanding frame. They come in many shapes and materials. You can control them manually or automatically. This one could be a versatile choice for your backyard.
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Common Questions

Popular backyard shade sizes include 16' x 16', 20' x 20', 24' x 24', 28' x 28', and 30' x 30'. On a side note, rectangular pavilions better suit larger venues.

Outdoor pavilions are strikingly similar to pergolas. Pavilions have a completely closed roof, while a pergola's roof contains open slats.