Modern Daycare Center Interior Service in Dhaka

With the growing number of working parents, the daycare center business in Dhaka and other major cities in Bangladesh is considered a fast-growing industry. When daycare center interior design is a concern, having an infant play area, a learning facility, and safety features is not enough.

The design of a childcare center must include functionality, toddler development appropriateness, and the facilitation of a wide range of needs. Rongin Interior’s daycare design ensures hefty revenue generation by circulating a sense of the credibility of the place and meeting all needs.

Daycare Center Interior Design

Core Concerns of Daycare Center Interior Design

While accommodating diversification, sustainability, and uniqueness, Rongin Interior fulfills the basic design requirements of a childcare center at the very first point.

  • Safety and security of the toddlers.
  • Diaper changing station and child-appropriate toilet facilities.
  • Adequate space allocation for various activities and playing.
  • Separate interiors according to age groups.
  • Facilitating brain simulation.
  • Durable and, most importantly, cleanable fixtures.
  • Sufficient storage space.
Modern Daycare Center

Top-Pick Interior Design Solutions

To make your daycare center promising and competitive, Rongin Interior uses experience, expertise, and research to ensure every potential client becomes a loyal one. Here are some of the most proven and top-picked design solutions.

Cohesive Themed Interior Design

Bright and Cohesive Themed

Drak and varying themed environments are not child-development friendly and discourages parents from accepting your service. The experts at Rongin Interior are careful to maintain a single theme in the design throughout the spaces. In addition, by being concerned about color psychology, the décor contains bright and fun colors to elevate joyful and motivational feelings.

Based on Child Art

The place is for children, decorating the space with their artwork is the very best idea for enabling ownership of the space and engagement. This solution is based on selecting toddlers' art and drawings and creating customized wallpaper. The furniture, walls, ceilings, flooring, and other associated design components are planned as per the wallpaper’s color combination and elements.

A Touch of Nature

If your daycare or preschool center is in a congested area with no outdoor space, "A Touch of Nature" is a high-quality interior solution. Decorating each room as a garden or jungle allows the children to feel refreshed all day. In this case, the walls are usually ornamented with nature murals, and the fixtures are shaped like animals.

Child Room Interior Design

Encourage to Imagine

Along with your customers, you already know that imagination is a core component of children’s mental development. Accommodating a fantasy-based environment is not only good for enabling excitement and joy but also ensures make-believe criteria. Portraying a plot from Harry Potter, Tom & Jerry, or Mary Poppins ensures feeding those pure souls.

Roof-top Garden Design

A Glance at Rongin Interior’s Services

Rongin Interior has designed many successful daycare centers in Dhaka and other cities throughout Bangladesh. With specialized interior designers and workers, it provides decoration solutions for every establishment. Some prominent services are listed below.

Basic Questionnaires

Neighborhoods with a growing number of working parents are the best place to start your daycare center business. Locations with green outdoors are highly desirable.

The daycare must have a locked-door facility with a high level of security and supervision. Most importantly, the toys should be easy-to-reach, and furniture should have round edges to restrict injuries.

The daycare center’s toys and amenities must not include any sponge-like items; those are highly favorable for toddlers to chew.