Luxury Fashion House Interior Design in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Luxury Fashion House Interior Design in Dhaka

While starting a fashion house is already a big step, designing its interior is even more challenging. Because the interior design of your fashion house is responsible for welcoming customers and guiding them through your space. Rongin Interior Solution offers professional interior design services for fashion houses all around Bangladesh. We aim to provide the best interior design solution that can promote your brand.

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Key Elements of Fashion House Interior

Entrance Window Display

Entrance Window Display

An entrance with an eye-catching window display will grab a passerby’s attention and encourage them to enter your store. It can highlight products, promotions, and show off brand personality and provide a significant outdoor amenity.

Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising or product displays can help visitors to examine your products directly. So we keep displays such as window displays, checkout displays, or mannequins—that can help your customers decide to purchase.

Engaging Layout

Engaging Layout

An ideal layout encourages visitors to browse your space well. So we designed fashion house interiors with layouts like angular, free-flow, and loop layouts. Because these are best to showcase designer items and keep visitors engaged.

Bold Digital Signage

Placing interesting digital signage farther into your store or right outside the door helps personalize visitors' experience. It can capture more attention and increases visitors’ engagement.

Convenient Checkout counter

Convenient Checkout Counter

We make sure to design a well-placed checkout counter for better monitoring. And that’s big enough for your consumers to place their bags or personal belongings.

Smart Dressing Room

While showcasing your items in your fashion house is important, a smart dressing room is important for customers to try that designer's items. Keeping that in mind we never forget to add a smart dressing room to our interior design.

Attractive Focal Point Displays

Creating effective and aesthetic focal point displays is visually appealing to consumers. We design focal points that reflect specific products within a specific section.

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Interior Design Solutions

Interior Design Solutions at a Glance

  • Consulting with customers
  • Site exploration and space measurements
  • Layout and budget planning
  • Make the draft 3D visual design
  • Modify designs as per the requirements
  • Design finalization and implementation
  • Inspection and delivery design
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Why People Love Us

Design with Full Setup

From the entrance to the features like lighting, fixtures, displays, and colors, we offer interior design with a full set-up. We provide well-planned designs with proper elements that will keep your visitors lingering for longer.

Design with Full Setup

Plenty of Space to Browse

We make sure to design and keep the layout clutter-free. It can enhance the customer experience and encourage them to browse your products without feeling uncomfortable.

Good Lighting Elements

Balanced lighting helps you to showcase and highlight your products to visitors. While designing, we keep proper natural lighting and artificial lighting elements that can give your visitors a true visual of your creations.

Appropriate Flooring and Ceiling

Designing randomly attractive floors and ceilings is not appropriate especially for fashion houses. So we design floor and ceiling matching with the color and lighting combination that reflects your brand.

Fully 3D Realistic Visualization of Design

Our expert design team will provide an entirely realistic visualization of your space. 3D visualization of your fashion house interior design will give you a clear idea of how your fashion house will look in real life.

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People Mostly Ask

Saving money, professional assistance, decent resale value, perfect planning, and budgeting are the key factors for hiring interior designers for a fashion house.

Yes, if necessary with logical conditions.

Of course. We provide rendering project design before finalization to know if the client asks for any modification.

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