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Modern Foyer Interior Design Service in Dhaka

The foyer is the first space anyone will see in your home. It should be designed in a way to give a warm and welcoming vibe to your guests. A well-designed foyer can make a first impression on your guests and visitors. Rongin Interior Solution is a leading interior design provider throughout Dhaka, Bangladesh. We can help you design a perfect foyer interior that best uses available spaces. We aim to provide standard quality and innovative designs to implement the best output for your foyer interior.

 Foyer Interior Design Service

Expedient Features in Our Foyer Interior Design

While designing the interior, we try to keep every necessary element in our design that a foyer interior should and can have. We manage to arrange them even in a tiny space. Necessary or common elements we include in a foyer are:

  • Lighting fixtures and wall colors based on the floor and ceiling design.
  • Wall hooks or floating shelves for hanging coats, bags, or keys.
  • A small umbrella stands at the corner of the foyers.
  • Storage cabinets to store shoes or other things.
  • Wall decors like mirrors, paintings, pendants, etc.
  • Flower vases or some indoor plants for extra decor.
  • Small tables with open shelves.
Rongin Interior

Some of Our Most Prominent Foyer Interiors Design Concepts

Our expert designers always suggest some of their brilliant ideas to make a foyer interior noticeable. And bring it into reality. However, we can always customize these designs according to your choices. Some design concepts that we provide:

 A Small & Compact Foyer

A Small & Compact Foyer

A design including a few necessary elements. A cabinet with multiple drawers and a small metal wall mirror above it can give a storage space and decorative touch. You can also add a lamp or indoor plant to enhance the look.

Simple Design Wall Texture

Simple Design Wall Texture & Decor Elements

A storage cabinet and light fixtures, along with textured wallpaper. Textured wallpaper can bring a simple, calm yet elegant vibe to your foyer interiors. Some showpieces can also be added to decorate the foyer as well.

 Beautiful Painting

Artistic Vibe with a Beautiful Painting

Along with a storage cabinet, light fixtures, and plain wall color, we add some paintings on the wall. This will give an artistic vibe to your foyer's interior. You can put a flower vase, or an umbrella stand beside it to make it more natural.

Industrial Style Modern Foyer Design

Industrial Style Modern Foyer Design

Creating a brick-cladding wall can give your foyer a modern and industrial-style look. A stand, small open shelves, or mounting hooks on the wall will give storage space to keep umbrellas, shoes or hanging bags, jackets, etc.

Foyer Design with Wooden Panels

Foyer Design with Wooden Panels

Wooden panels can bring a warm vibe to your foyer. A comfortable seating arrangement alongside a cabinet store, loft storage with spotlights, and some floating shelves can make your foyer spacious and extremely functional.

Advantages of Foyer Interior Design services

Advantages of Having Our Foyer Interior Design services

  • Proper customer consultation and great space management.
  • Friendly budget. From affordable to high-end budgets.
  • Experienced designer with various sample designs.
  • Well-furnished, efficient, and functional designs.
  • Warm and welcoming interior designs.
  • Durable and long-lasting designs.
  • Personalized modern designs.
Foyer Design Implementation Process

Foyer Design Implementation Process

  • Client meetings and site visiting
  • Design Preparation
  • Design Creation
  • Project Completion
  • Hand over your dreamy foyer.

Frequently Asked Question

A: It corresponds to an entry hall or a doorway of a resident or public space.

A: To remain useful and organized, your foyer requires several items, including a coat rack and a mirror.

A: White is the ideal foyer paint color to greet visitors because it is light and airy furthermore because any of the materials work with this paint color.