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Study Room Interior Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

A study room is the quietest place in the house, designated for your children’s study while allowing the working members to finish some small jobs. A functional study room design is in high demand as the popularity of work from jobs, classes, exams, consultations, etc.

Rongin Interior considers reading room design significantly and understands modern needs, correcting your concept of placing a table, chair, and bookshelves in a less-used room.

Elements of Study Room Design by Rongin Interior

Before moving on to the latest study design ideas, knowing the essential elements of a standard study in the house is always beneficial.

Elements of Study Room Design by Rongin Interior
  • Location

    The most tranquil and quiet room in the house, with plenty of natural light and airflow.

  • Furniture

    Comfortable and cozy furniture is preferable while having sufficient open-door and closed-door storage facilities.

  • Lighting

    It is critical and calls for an eye-friendly solution. The desk(s) should have a reading light, and the overall lighting feature must create a soft ambiance.

  • Color Schemes

    An abstract color scheme is preferable with light tones. Walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture colors should have a higher transition.

  • Functionality

    To increase the functionality of the study area, some additions can be made, such as multiple charging points, two sofas, a coffee table, plants, etc.

Newest Study Room Design Ideas in Dhaka

Contemporary academic space design in a house demands progressive thinking while accommodating modernism.

Ultra-modern Study Room Design

Considering the space shortage, a tiny room or space can be transformed into a reading space. Vibrant color and exclusive furniture not only enhance the overall interior’s value but also symbolize the residents’ intellectuality.

Minimalist Study Room Design

Almost every reading resource is now available on the internet, which suggests less storage installation. It allows more space for school-going kids to learn from visuals and practicals. For college goers, computers, the internet, and some essential books are enough, allowing spaces for a larger screen and sound system to bypass boredom.

Go-rustic Study Room Design

If you don’t have children aged below 5 years and have kids who are fond of the outdoors, then this is the best design solution. Place several but the appropriate number of indoor plants while covering the walls with landscaping. A professional intervention can make you feel like studying in a park.

Speculative Themed Study Room Design

Apply abstract transitioning concepts. Using brighter colors for kindergarteners is most desirable. The abstract theme should have a higher transition between the components of a light-colored learning space for collegegoers.

Services of Rongin Interior Other Than Study Room

Along with many others, below are the services provided by Rongin Interior in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and other nationwide locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

A purposefully decorated room with a reading desk, appropriate seating arrangements, book storage, quality lighting features, effective ventilation, etc..

Transforming a distraction-free area of the house by adding noise control measures, essential furniture, great color, etc., is the solution.

White, off-white, light blue, light green, pastel blue, and cream, and there are many options available in the market.

Concerning space allocation for each interior design component of the learning room design is necessary. Also, having a quality collection of books and a well-organized desk enhances the overall visual appeal.