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Rooftop Garden Design in Bangladesh

Everybody wants a peaceful place in their house to seek refuge from the exhausting daily life.

A rooftop garden can prove to be that placid space. At present the idea of decorating your rooftop has gained popularity because it provides a very charming and healthy environment for families.

Considering the growing popularity of rooftop garden Rongin Interior design has brought an excellent Service called Rooftop Garden Design in Bangladesh.

We can turn any unoccupied space into a beautiful urban oasis. With our amazing concepts we can successfully offer you the dazzling rooftop garden of your dreams.

Rooftop Garden

How We Provide Our Service

How We Provide Our Service
  • Step 1: Signing Up

    At first you'll reach out to us and sign-up for your required interior design service.

  • Step 2: Consultation

    After evaluating your roof, our experts will suggest themes & designs suitable for your place & ask what features should be added.

  • Step 3: Design Completion

    After the consultation, we'll create the final structure that we're going to follow, design a 3D model of it and wait for your approval.

  • Step 4: Design Execution

    Finally, after getting your approval we'll execute the final design, deliver you the perfect rooftop garden to enjoy your pass time.

Why Choose Us for Designing Your Rooftop Garden

We believe in uniqueness. Our exclusive and creative designs will transform your rooftop as an exquisite place merged with the essence of nature & modernity.

Our talented and experienced team of interior designers are passionate about their job & we'll try our utmost to get your full satisfaction out of our eloquent work.

We're jammed with diverse concepts to create the best designs for rooftop gardens. We use colourful plants, raised bed, artificial falls, modern furnitures & lightings etc. to create these unique concepts.

Before implementation of the plan, we will make a 3D model of the finalised design that gives you a visual concept of our exclusive rooftop garden design.

We understand the value of your time. Hence we make sure to complete our project within our estimated delivery time. At the same time we maintain the quality of our designs as well.
If we consider the quality of our work, our service is pretty affordable compared to it. You can always find a plan with us which doesn't break your bank.

Glittering Exhibition

These are our piece of cakes for our beloved customers and we are warm heartedly ready for you. Let’s start a new innovation for your property with Rongin Interior.