Affordable Flat Interior Design Service in Dhaka, Bangladesh

If you are looking to create a beautiful space for your flat then Rongin is the best option for you as we ensure you a hassle-free interior design process. If you are looking for an affordable flat interior design service and also want your project to be long-lasting then you’ve come to the right place! Rongin’s portfolio in both residential interior design and commercial interior design speaks for itself.

Rongin is a professional interior design firm in Dhaka giving services since 2015. We have started with some young and creative interior designers to make some changes to your space. Our goal is to design some quality spaces along with modern design, furniture, and creative ideas to make your life beautiful and comfortable.

Rongin Interior is your one-stop solution for all of your desired interior design services. We provide you a peaceful space that is safe and functional at the same time. Let us design your dream with our creativity and professionalism.

What is Flat Interior Design?

The flat interior design is an internal part of home decoration, focused on creating interior spaces that make the building both beautiful and comfortable. One of the biggest areas for interior designers is a flat design.

The process of flat interior design includes a contract that specifies details about the design, construction, and pricing obligations. The architect may build the house, but it's the designer's job to make it an attractive home.

What is Flat Interior Design?

Why Choose Us?

Rongin has creative, experienced, and professional interior designers and we promise to fulfill your dream house.

  • Affordable cost under the limit of your budget.
  • Fastest client service in Dhaka.
  • Rongin provides you with the most modern design.
  • Finishing touch as professionals with a gorgeous outlook.
  • We have our own experienced and fine carpenters, paint workers.

Extra Advantages

  • We make the interior design completely hassle-free.
  • We are fully transparent about costs.
  • We complete our work on time.
  • Convenient service delivery with proper quality.
  • Delivery of promised product and workmanship.
  • Necessary equipment will be carried at the site.
  • On-time work completion and site handover.
  • No additional charge or hidden cost.
  • Customer protection against any damage.
  • We use advanced technology.
  • We ensure the final design is exactly what you wanted.
Extra Advantages
Design We Work With

Design We Work With

Flat interior designers focus on all the elements and parts of your house. You can give us special suggestions from the list below:

  • Entire walls,
  • Ceiling design,
  • Trim work
  • Wooden floor
  • Window designs,
  • Flooring and floor design,
  • Full Flat interior design,
  • Kitchen Decoration as you want,
  • Modern wall cabinets and closets,
  • Modern and exclusive furniture,
  • Electrical design and lighting,
  • Exclusive 3D wallpaper and specific design,
  • Multipurpose furniture (next-generation furniture as your own choice).

Working in the COVID-19 Situation

We are working on the COVID-19 difficult situation and working hard to provide the best service to our clients.

We are prepared to protect your health and hygiene while serving you. Our preparations during the COVID-19 situations:

  • Checked Health condition of our worker,
  • Ensuring the use of masks, hand sanitizers, gloves,
  • Disinfecting equipment before and after the work,
  • Maintaining social distancing.
Working in the COVID-19 Situation

Our aim is to make our clients' life easier, maintaining quality, and also contribute to the industry with our visionary interior solutions. Rongin pays heed to small things and this is why we are different from others. If you are interested Rongin can give the final touch to your flat/apartments.

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