Bengali Home Decor

Home design influenced by a Bengali region, similar to themed furnishing, can lend any home space a well-defined, personalized composition. This setting speaks of the culture, way of living, and art of that particular region.

You may have noticed stunning woodwork, textiles, and antiquities in some Bengali homes and may have thought about adding these elements to your home as well.

Furniture Made of Wood

The majority of Bengali home interiors are designed beautifully with wooden furniture. Dark-polished wood is utilized to create tables, sofa sets, chairs, doors, cabinets, colonnades, and beds in the interior spaces and half-open areas such as the verandah or courtyard of the house.

Even though many Bengali homes showcase wood furniture of rosewood and teak, you can use the wood which is common to your area. One of the most notable attributes of Bengali-style homes would be the furniture made from solid wood with several options to choose from, such as Teak, Chapalish, Chickrasi, Sil Koroi, and many more – showcasing the varieties of wood produced in our homeland. A style that is ageless and never goes out of fashion.

Furniture made of wood
Bengali art

Bengali Art

Since the British era, Bengal has produced legendary artists, and it is safe to say that the major percentage of Bengalis passionately love all things connected to art.

The paintings usually depict gods, mythological personas, and other scenarios that represent the essence of everyday life.

Wicker Chairs

The next time you go to a Bengali home, you may see an easy chair. You will spot one in the study, living room, or balcony.

Wicker chairs are usually available in materials like rattan, cane, and willow wicker.

Wicker chairs
Collector’s pieces and antiques

Collector’s Pieces & Antiques

As real connoisseurs of traditional values, many Bengalis like to decorate their interior spaces with collector’s pieces and antiques from their ancestors – souvenirs from their travels and unique showpieces which exhibit their style.

To replicate a similar ambience in your space with Bengali home designs, thematically display any pieces such as an old radio, gramophone, momentous, memorable keepsakes, and antique photo frames from outstation travels.

This will not only give your interior a meaningful appeal but also allow you to experience the Bengali lifestyle.

Figurines & Sculptures

Dhokra art is an ideal example of the rich heritage of Bengali art and sculpture. In Bangladesh, Dhokra sculptures are traditionally made through the casting of non-ferrous metal, using the lost wax technique, by artisans of West Bengal and Odisha.

You will find exquisite tribal figurines, horses, elephants, and religious idols made in metal standing tall on console tables and display units of Bengali homes.

Figurines and sculptures
Multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional Furniture

Designers of furniture from Bengal are the master when it comes to producing multi-functional, versatile furniture. A coffee table can also serve well as a kind of footrest.

Minimal space interior design is about creating and assembling multi-functional pieces/items. This aids in creating additional space or room. The objective is to not waste any interior space.

Using Mirrors

Mirrors are an excellent way to make your living space appear spacious. They won’t fail to make an impression. Mirrors are used to create visual tricks and create a kind of illusion.

The light which is reflected makes your room look larger and more spacious than it actually is.

When mirrors are positioned next to windows, it looks like there is an extra window in the room. Mirrors are the trump card for getting the absolute best in small-area design.

Using mirrors
Traditional Kantha-work textiles
Traditional Kantha-Work Textiles

Kantha is believed to be one of the oldest forms of Bengal embroidery. Earlier, women layered saris and stitched them in Kantha fashion to make quilts, throws, and bed covers.

Kantha embroidery is still very popular with the community. Splash some colours around your home with Kantha-stitched duvets, cushions, and runners going to bring along a touch of Bengal with them.

Terracotta Accessories

Decorative sculptures and home accessories made of terracotta are part and parcel of classical Bengali home decor.

Terracotta pots, vases, candelabras, showpieces, wall hangings and the like can channel the spirit of Bengali decor into your home design.

Terracotta accessories

To add life to the exterior of our homes, an exquisitely gardened verandah, with a variety of rich and vibrant flowers and potted plants, is an element that is loved by almost every individual.

It is also an added bonus if you are a nature lover or are passionate about gardening. Include a set of wicker chairs and a small table – and you have the perfect unwinding zone for when you are in need of some fresh air.

Make your own choice

Believe it or not, all of my Bengali buddies are ardent readers. Not just the youngsters – I have seen their grandfathers and grandmothers passing their evening with a good book.

There will always be a section or a room dedicated to books in a Bengali home. A bookshelf can surely add to the Bengali spirit in your home. (This works even better if you are a bookworm.

You probably already had this element without knowing of its Bengali facet.) You can opt to display a bookshelf, adorned with legendary pieces by Rabindranath Tagore, Sukumar Ray, Kazi Nazrul Islam, Humayun Ahmed and so many more.

Which undoubtedly uplifts the Bengali spirit in a home. One or two laid-back chairs or even a rattan swing, with a reading lamp, some indoor plants you will find your desired reading room or section in your house.

Musical instruments
Musical Instruments

Bengali music, including Baul, Rabindra Sangeet, Bishnupur Gharana, and so on, is an integral component of the rich culture of Bengal. It is patronized and studied diligently in most Bengali homes.

Musical instruments find a prime spot in Bengali houses. To embrace a tinge of Bengali culture, you can bring in a sitar or a set of these instruments, too. You can learn to play them over time.

Wall Clocks to Suit Your Decor

The wall clock is a smart choice but you must choose old design clocks. A wall accessory like this can rightly enhance the Bengali aesthetics of your home. You can choose a grandfather clock.

If you’re on a tight budget, a lot of small space décor options will match your budget which is easy and prudent to carry out. Getting the best value from your investments means you should think economically.

Rongin will offer you a wide range of home décor options to choose from. You will find technology, design, and combinations to give you a hassle-free home design experience.

Wall Clocks to suit your decor

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