A Complete Kitchen Island Lighting Guide

A kitchen island is a multifunctional place that works right from early morning cups of coffee to intimate late-night glasses of milk. A proverb says, If the kitchen is the heart of a home, a kitchen island is its heartbeat. As a multifunctional place, it requires multifunctional lighting. To illuminate the area, I need proper kitchen island lighting.

But keeping the right balance of lighting is not easy. Finding it hard to settle on a style for your kitchen island? Rongin Interior will be a one-stop solution for all of your desired kitchen designs. So give you the best way to achieve your goals & some tips from Rongin Interior design expert are given below:

How to Light a Kitchen Island

Lighting a kitchen island is the main factor to make your kitchen more stylish and lucrative. Typically a kitchen island is the main focus of any kitchen that's why lighting is so important.

You have to select a lighting design that will cover the kitchen area. The lighting design depends on your kitchen size. A kitchen island is a functional space that provides you with a different feel and looks.

It requires plenty of light because you will be making meals and cutting with a sharp knife. Some people even sit at their kitchen island on a stool doing monthly bills.

Whatever it is, you will need enough light to get the job done. Remember that proper lighting over your kitchen island can highlight the kitchen island top. Another benefit is that lighting brought out the colours.

Types of Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

There are so many types of light you may get in the market to consider, your first choice needs to be one of the three below

Types of Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

Linear Chandelier

Linear light is known as Linear Chandelier that hangs from the ceiling. There are three or more lights that are the focal point of the room. Linear light is the popular lighting system that can be used in your kitchen room.

It gives you a stylish look for your kitchen.

A linear chandelier can easily cover a kitchen island.You never want to be lighting the ceiling, linear chandelier for your kitchen island where the bulbs are facing upwards. You should avoid it and choose one where the bulbs are pointing downwards.

Pendant Lights

Nowadays, Pendant Lights become the most popular and also the most versatile of all kitchen lighting options. Pendant Lights are a type of suspended light fixture: they hang from the ceiling.

Pendant Lights
The versatility comes in the following ways

The Versatility Comes in the Following Ways

  • You can adjust the height of Pendant Lights.
  • Chandelier lights have some limitations where the number of lights is not limited to Pendant Lights.
  • You can decorate the fixture with Pendant Lights.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting can be a perfect addition to any kitchen, especially if you place them thoughtfully. It may be a good option if you have low ceilings.

Recessed lights
Tricks on using recessed lighting

Tricks on Using Recessed Lighting

  • Avoid using too many recessed lights on the kitchen island that make your ceiling look too busy.
  • You can direct one towards a specific area, such as a countertop decorated with a vase of flowers.

Lighting Features of Kitchen Island

Controlling System

Voice control over kitchen island lighting is helpful because in the kitchen your both hands are often busy. Adjusting the kitchen light running towards the sink and washing your hands is so irritating.

Controlling system


Lighting power will depend on your mood. Cutting on board and reading a newspaper mood is not the same. So the dimming feature should be there so that you can adjust to your mood.

Your Kitchen outfit and environment change if you can blend a perfect combination of kitchen island lighting. Rogin Interior experts will be there for you and committed to fulfilling your dream kitchen island lighting.

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