Interior Design Cost in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Interior design costs in Dhaka widely vary. It depends on multiple factors, including the area, the work extent, the materials used, and the project's location. Some interior designers charge an hourly rate, while others offer fixed packages.

You must discuss the interior design cost in Bangladesh with veteran specialists for a clear understanding. Rongin Interior offers affordable interior design services in Dhaka. We give you the best interior prices in Bangladesh.

What Is the Average Decoration Cost in Dhaka?

On average, the cost of interior design services can range from five lacs for a small space to 20 lacs for a large, high-end project. Now, we unpack the three (03) types of decoration billings.

Flat Rate: The costs and design outcomes are predetermined by the parties.

Square Feet: You will be charged per square foot of the design areas.

Percentage: An additional 30 percent charge adds to the design costs. The extra amount goes to the interior agency.

Let’s put the regular interior prices by Rongin Interior in a table for better comprehension.

Average Decoration Cost in Dhaka
Apartment Dimensions Standard Premium Exclusive
2 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen ( 800-1200 sq ft) 13 lac BDT 15 lac BDT 19 lac BDT
3 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1201-1600 sq ft) 15 lac BDT 19 lac BDT 23 lac BDT
4 Beds, Living Room, Kitchen (1600-2000 sq ft) 18 lac BDT 22 lac BDT 25 lac BDT

Factors That Determine Interior Design Cost in Bangladesh

So how to specify interior design costs in Dhaka? Interior design bills can vary greatly depending on the project's scope, the designer's experience& standard fees, and the materials used. Here, we reveal the six (06) common billing grounds for interior decoration.

Designer Fees: Designer bills may range from a flat fee, an hourly rate, or a percentage of the project’s costs.

Materials: The decor involves furniture, fabrics, flooring, lighting, wall coverings, and accessories. The cost of materials widely fluctuates depending on quality, brand, and source.

Design Implementation: Labor costs for the installation of the materials and relevant contractual work go into this segment.

Shipping: Materials shipped from another location can add to the final tally.

Taxes: Sales tax applies to materials and services, and they increase the bills.

Miscellaneous: Additional expenses include storage, design software, and equipment rental.

Ultimately, a designer or contractor can give you a detailed estimate before starting your interior design project.

Interior Design Diversities That Impact Decor Costs

Rongin Interior identifies six (06) layout variations across living spaces. It gives you an idea regarding changeable design costs.

Interior Design Diversities

Kids’ Zone Interior Ideas

Kids’ corners flourish with playful colors. Besides, fun themes and comfortable furnishings are a must. This multi-functional space needs reading, playing, and art stations.

Smart storage solutions tackle their books, toys, and essentials. Technology integration and safety considerations are other top features.

Living Room Interior Ideas

This layout incorporates neutral color schemes, distressed accents, and comfortable seating arrangements. Plus, interesting lighting addresses your mood swings. Natural elements and multi-functional accessories bear personalized touches.

Bedroom Interior Ideas

Relaxing colors soothe your soul. Comfortable bedding and ambient lighting are top considerations. Then, clever storage facilities and decorative accents give you a clutter-free atmosphere. So cozy seating allows great times with humans and plants.

Restaurant Interior Ideas

Probably, mood lighting matters the most in the restaurant industry. Also, branding elements include the logo, color, and a cohesive view. Textured walls add to comfortable seating. An open kitchen and decorative accents take you to the top.

Office Interior Ideas

An office environment thrives in neutral colors like white, grey, and beige. Besides, ergonomic furniture and adequate natural light enhance your meetings.

Flexible workspaces improve your office productivity. Creative storage solutions can give you the best office interior in Dhaka. Finally, bold artwork and plants ensure a relaxed environment.

Commercial Space Interior Ideas

Commercial entities flourish in open floor plans. Again, an integrated look and feel drive incredible brand value. A welcoming atmosphere is a good news for your clients. Natural and artificial lighting produces visual appeal and warmth.

Last Words

This write-up gives a complete picture of interior design cost in Bangladesh. The expenses derive from multiple factors. The decoration fees weigh in on the room size, material requirement, designer’s quality, project location, and standard quality of the overall work.

In Bangladesh, you will find cheap interior designers and high-end decor experts. Rongin Interior offers affordable interior design cost in Bangladesh. Optimum outcomes and expenses satisfy our clients.

People Also Ask

You may choose either square feet or percentage-based payment if you have spare time. These methods require you to pay attention and stay alert for quality control. Contrarily, busy bees like the flat rate system for its convenience. So you can just check out the end result and pay the bill.
You can cut down decoration costs. Be choosy about elements, shop around for better prices & deals, and do some DIY interiors. Besides, thrifty lighting and neutral colors can dial down your decor expenses.