Maximize Space in Small Apartments: Tips and Tricks

Apartments prices have increased day by day with the rise of the density of the population in Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka. When collated with the houses we grew up in childhood, the places we live in today are notably short.

Thanks to the remarkable progress in the field of interior designing and furnishing, today even the spaces of small apartments can be converted into spacious quarters which can easily accommodate all your stuff as well as looks awesome.

Ideas for Maximizing Space | Rongin Interior

Interior designing is a form of art that deals with beautifying the interiors of an apartment or building as well as optimizing space.

Here are the ideas of several such space maximization techniques to give your small apartments an uncluttered and spacious look.

Space Maximization
Multifunctional Furniture

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Proper use of furniture in the apartment is very crucial in the prospect of maximizing the space of an apartment. In a small flat or apartment, the position of furniture is very important.

Think foldable furniture that works as an extra seating or coffee table, hideout side tables that can be moved around when needed, or versatile small stools that can be tables or seats.

Maximize Seating with a Modular Sofa

Proper seating is very crucial and it helps you to make the most of a small living room, you can add as many or as few pieces as the small apartment plan will easily allow.

A corner set-up not only improves the areas allocated for sitting but makes a comfortable look for social conventions.

Keep the Interiors Light, Bright, and Airy

It’s a basic trick but this trick works wonderfully when it comes to creating your apartment look beautiful. Painting your apartments with lucrative beautiful colors and even-toned shade can make them a bigger look than it actually is.

The color combination is very important in the context of interior design. Moreover, keeping the background of your apartment bright & light helps give the furniture a classy look.

Create Partitions for an Uncluttered Look

You can use several colors to decorate and furnish each of the spaces of the apartments. For example, you could use various colored rugs in your living area and the dining space so that it looks very distinctive.

This tip is most applicable to small apartments. If living in such a flat, create & try a classy look for each section and if possible, separate some of the areas using these partitions.

Partitions Creation
Symmetry of room

Keep It Symmetrical

In a small space, an instructional design can create a room that appears neat and organized. Symmetry is a very easy way to achieve it. Here, the room’s most crucial elements have been arranged equally.

The range feels stabilized and your eye moves very easily from one side of the room to the other, which makes it look bigger.

Frequently Asked Questions

Furniture that can serve multiple functions and/or be easily stowed away when not in use is ideal for small apartments.

There are many ways to create more storage in a small apartment, such as using vertical space with tall shelves or wall-mounted storage units, utilizing under-bed storage boxes or bed risers, and adding a closet organizer with hidden compartments.

Incorporating a few statement pieces or decorative accents can add a lot of style to a small apartment. Just be sure not to clutter the space with too many items.

Keeping everything in its place is key to making a small apartment feel organized and clutter-free. Regularly purging unused or unwanted items can also help keep clutter at bay.

Using furniture placement and room dividers can help create separate living spaces in a small studio apartment.