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Modern design is the trending style in the Interior design field. Most designers and their clients like having their interior design in a modern style. What is modern interior design and what elements are included in modern design? This blog will help you to know the answers to these questions?

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What is Modern Design?

Modern Interior Design

Modern design is a style that has evolved since the mid-20th century. It usually involves using simple furnishing, modern spaces, sleek surface, clean and bold lines, and neutral color schemes keeping in mind the functionality of an object or space. Modern design focuses on simplicity and functionality, or minimalist design with maximum function.

It combines two styles- industrial interior design and mid century modern interior design. Materials in this design are generally wooden beams or exposed brick walls, and furniture is mostly made of plastic, glass, and metal.

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History of Modern Design

Premium Design with Modern Architecture

The origin of modern design is Germany. Modern design is closely connected to the Bauhaus school, founded in Weimar, Germany, in 1919. The beginning of modern design happened at the rise of the modern art movement, which was informed by Scandinavian and German Bauhaus designs. The Bauhaus style was based on functionalism, simplicity, and a focus on craftsmanship.

Gustavo Adolfo Roettgerst Jr. influenced modernism in architectural design. He wanted to create structures that were environmentally friendly and affordable. He also believed modern architecture should appeal to architecturally-inclined people and those who couldn't afford it.

The era of modern design can be traced back to the early 19’s when several important developments took place that would have a huge impact on the way we design today. One of the most significant developments was the development of industrial design. This involved creating products that were functional, looked good and appealed to the general public. Interestingly, 1970s modern design is now considered as vintage modern design.

Basic Elements of Modern Interior Design

Simple and Minimalism Elements Makes a Modern Interior Design

Functionality and Simplicity

The concept of modern is to keep things simple while remaining stylish. It’s not about excessive decoration; it’s about efficiently using space. The whole motive is centered on decorative pieces for function. Simply, a thing doesn’t need to be in space if it doesn’t have any practical purpose.

Minimalism and Uncluttered Space

Minimalism means removing unnecessary elements from something. So that there's less clutter around the space (and therefore less stress), it also helps prevent confusion when navigating through an item or room because everything has its place instead of just being thrown together randomly without thought behind it all!

Clean and Bold Lines in Interior Design

Clean and Bold Lines

The modern design emphasizes fewer curves and more clean vertical and horizontal lines. Elements like beams or concrete are also often left exposed.

Neutral Color Palette

In a modern design, a neutral color palette is used. Usually, there’s a combination of a bold main color (gray) with some primary colors (yellow, red, and blue) to complement the neutral look.

Natural Light and Natural Materials

Modern design styles use a significant mix of natural materials like wood, stone, or leather to maintain a streamlined look. It tends to keep maximum natural light in the space.

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Difference Between Modern Design & Contemporary Design

Modern design and contemporary design are often confused as being synced. But there are many differences between modern and contemporary design. Following are some key differences between them.

Difference Between Modern Design & Contemporary Design
  • Contemporary design is a kind of design that refers to the present popular design or, we can say, the “trendy design.” It keeps changing over time. Meaning the design that is called contemporary today may not be contemporary after 5 or 10 years later. But modern design, on the other hand, refers to a specific period from the early-mid 20th century.
  • While the modern design has more of its specific style, contemporary design is often a mix of other styles. Modern design is mostly simplistic and focused on functionality, while contemporary design is more complex and can be more ornate.
  • Modern design is more angular and has a distinguishable aesthetic emphasizing clean lines, minimalism, and balance. On the other hand, contemporary design can be more fluid and hard to pin down.
  • Modern design uses natural and eco-friendly materials like stone, wood, or leather. In contrast, contemporary interior design styles embrace concrete, steel, and other industrial-inspired materials. The color used in modern design is more monochromatic or neutral, while contemporary design can be more colorful.
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Advantages of Modern Design

Modern design is versatile, clean, minimalistic, and timeless. Some of the advantages of modern design are:

Enough Space

Modern Design with Space, Natural lights and Flexiblity

Efficient space utilization is one of the main benefits of modern design. Modern design allows the creation of a space that is functional while remaining cost-effective as well. It aims to achieve an open space and natural airflow throughout the space.

Plenty of Natural Light

Allowing as much natural light as possible into the space is one of the aims of modern designs. Modern designs tend to incorporate lots of glass. Either via large windows or glass doors, filling the space with natural light, emphasizing views, and making it all that easier to enjoy the outdoors.

Simple and Flexible

Modern design is meant to be simple, minimal, and functional. Its open floor plan keeps the spaces simple and makes them flexible. The space can be adjusted just how you want and see fit.

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Bottom Line

Modern design has become very popular, and we are seeing more and more of it around us. With so many different styles, colors, and materials available in modern design, there is sure to be something that suits your lifestyle. Rongin Design Solution can find suitable modern interior design solutions for you.

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