Let’s Learn About Kids Zone

‘Kids Zone’ is a place where your children build literacy skills in a playing and interactive way. Kids Zone is a place specifically designed for children to play there safely. A playground is usually designed for children where they can spend their time with other children by playing. They can improve their skill of communication with others.

They can also learn different things from their friends. Kids Zone helps children to develop physical coordination, strength, and flexibility, as well as providing recreation and enjoyment. Kids Zone is the place where the time of spending supports the social and emotional development of kids’ mentality.

Problems Faced While Shopping With Kids - Solutions

Problems Faced While Shopping With Kids - Solutions

Kids zone needs to be a perfect place to keep the kids of the customers cheerful and busy. In a shopping mall, the main customers are women and a big number of women have children of different ages.

They always think about their children. They always ask themself that ‘who will look after their children?’. They wanted to go to a shopping mall where they can keep their children in a safe place and can do shopping without any tension.

So, from a Businessman’s point of view, they must give focus on Kids Zone. They must give attention to keep the kids happy.

How Women Feel Relaxed While Shopping!

In Bangladesh, shopping malls’ main customers are women and they always think that their children must get proper care from the kids’ zone of the shopping mall.

If the shopping mall owner ensures that facilities they will find the focus of the customers. If you have quite a large Shopping Mall that has enough space to accommodate a kid’s play zone then you should not make any further delay.

Children and their spending time in a kids zone should not be underestimated. Children must give priority as they can hold your customer for a long time.

One of your best customers you can manage if the parents are considering that your catering facility is good enough for the children and whole family.

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How Women Feel Relaxed While Shopping!
We care about your Kids Safety

We care about your Kids Safety

Sometimes the safety of kids' zones is disputed. Over at least the last twenty years, the kinds of equipment to be found in kids zones has changed, often towards safer equipment built with plastic.

For example, an older jungle gym might be constructed entirely from steel bars, while newer ones tend to have a minimal steel framework while providing a web of nylon ropes for children to climb on.

Playgrounds with equipment that children may fall off often use rubber mulch on the ground to help cushion the impact.

In the kid’s zone, about 45% of playground-related injuries are severe–fractures, internal injuries, concussions, dislocations, and amputations but in modern time the playground-related injuries come down to less than 5% In a modern kids zone, the main focus is to ensure the safety of children.

Kids Zones are now using the cotton mat for the ground as the main injury concern comes from the ground of the kids’ zone. Rongin Interior ensures 100% safety for the kid's play zone for your Shopping Mall.

What the differences between Commercial & Residential Kids Zone

Shopping mall kinds zones are developed to provide fun for children ages 14 and under in a safe environment. There are distinct differences between Commercial(Shopping Mall) and Residential Kids Zone.

Commercial(Shopping Mall) kids zones are indoor structures meant to handle large volumes of traffic. Those kids zones are designed with both safety and fun in mind to ensure a good time for the children and peace of mind for parents and guardians.

In the past few decades, the commercial Kids Zone interior designing company grew rapidly. Commercial playgrounds started as slides and climbing structures being put next to one another and then eventually being combined.

Since those early days, Commercial kids zones have grown into a million-dollar industry with multiple levels, climbing structures, slides, play panels, and stations.

The Services We Provide

Our designs can be easily modified by the space as your shopping mall designed, your customer, and your budget while implementing the strictest design standards to create safe, fun, and exciting play experiences for kids of all ages and abilities while maximizing return on investment. Our playgrounds are proven as family attractions.

Our main focus on these key factors-

  • 3D Design
  • Ensure Safety
  • Colorful Playing Equipment
  • Ensure Clean & Hygienic Environment
  • Ensure a Maximum Space
  • Suffocation Free Environment
Our main focus on these key factors
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Why Clients Choose Us

A project starts with a plan. A better plan can change the whole outcome of a project. Interior Design must start with perfect planning. We plan the best design for our customers by taking ideas from them and share our ideas for the best result.

After planning the work, we promise you that we will finish the work as we planned. We take the work as a challenge and focus on it. For customer satisfaction, we implement the planned design and make it to perfection.
Kids Zone designing is a different task from normal designing. We provide safe playing equipment for kids as the safety matter comes first.
We will give you the best service in Dhaka with a minimum cost where others are looking for money.
We focus on our work not in an advertisement for that reason our work satisfies our customers.
We make sure that you get the best benefit after we finish our work and your investment in us comes up with a great result.

We will ensure you that all the work is perfect. If any errors are found then solve them smartly.
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