Job completed for Aaron Denim VIP Lounge

Completion date: November 18, 2020

Location: Sukran, Mirzanagor, Savar., DK


Why did the customer contact us?

Aron Denim is one of the pioneer manufacturer and exporter of quality denim fabric in Bangladesh. They need to renovate a VIP lounge for their respected guest as well as clients. 

What challenges did we face?

Space was not so spacious but the client's demand keeping the look and feel must be adjustable including furniture of the lounge. Despite challenges, we did the job properly. 

Solutions provided:

These are the services that we provided to our valued client:

  • False ceiling design

  • Light design

  • Colourwork

  • Sunlight consideration

  • Relaxing Furniture making.


Team members on this project:

Md. Ajgor Hossoin Shah,

Photos & Videos:

Ceiling, wall and painting of Aaron Denim VIP lounge

Full view of Aron Denim VIP lounge