Job completed for PMaspire Dhaka Office

Completion date: March 26, 2021

Location: Road-6,Gulahan-1, DK


Why did the customer contact us?

PMaspire, a global registered education provider of Project Management Institute, call Rongin Interior to renovate and decorate its office in a modern trendy shape and to offer excellent working conditions for its employees. 

What challenges did we face?

Doing all the task in a limited space is challenging. 

Solutions provided:

Based on the given requirement we do provide the best solution using PMaspire Dhaka office space and the following services we provide;

1. False ceiling design.

2. Lighting design.

3. Colorwork.

4. Wall painting.

5. Furniture Interior. 

Team members on this project:

Md. Ajgor Hossoin Shah,

Photos & Videos:

PMaspire office space

Guest waiting room

Rongin expert giving the finishing touch