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The interior design of your kid’s room should be colorful and comfortable. This is where they play, learn, sleep, grow up, and explore many fun experiences. So it should be designed to reflect their interests and personalities.

Rongin Interior provides interior design services, including kid’s room interior design, all around Dhaka, Bangladesh. Whether in a spacious or small room, we offer kids' room interior designs that give you the best output within your budget.

Kids Room Interior

Popular Themes that We Design for Kids Room Interior

Kids love a playful and cheering environment. They love it when their room is themed with their favorite fairytale or sports based. Considering these, Rongin Interior provides different themes in our design that kids will adore. Some of the pieces we design are:

  • Rustic style room that gives a feeling of a storybook.
  • Modern kids' bedroom with storage cabinets.
  • Fairytale theme-based room design.
  • Sports-inspired kids' bedroom design.
  • Astronaut's theme bedroom.
  • Pink-themed girls' room design.
  • Blue-themed boys’ room design.
  • Outdoor theme-based room design.
Kids Room Interior Design

Features of A Perfect Interior for Your Kid

Simple, Safe, & Space-saving

The kid’s room need not be complex. We design spaces by keeping a simple decor and furnishing. We use space-saving furniture like beds with drawers, pull-out desks, and storage cabinets so that the room has more space and is safe for playing around.

Well-arranged Space for Furniture in Kids Room

Well-arranged Furniture Design

The arrangement of furniture depends on available space. We make the design by arranging furniture, like the bed, study desk, and wardrobe, in proper places so that they are not clustered and are easy to navigate for kids.

Cozy & Playful Kids Room Design By Rongin Interior

Cozy & Playful Room

We make such a design for kids’ rooms that is cozy and playful. A bed with a comfortable mattress, soft pillows, warm light, etc., can ensure their comfort. Elements like an indoor swing, a building area, and a chalkboard wall where they can draw will make a playful environment for them.

Cheerful Wall Colors Kids Room

Cheerful Wall Colors

Kids love colors! A colorful wall with some pictures will make their room cheerful. Most kids like bright and lively colors like pink, indigo, yellow, purple, etc. We design the walls with cheerful color combinations that enhance your kid’s mood.

Enough Storage for Kid’s Stuff

Enough Storage for Kid’s Stuff

Kids love to play and arrange their stuff like toys, games, or books. We keep it in mind and design accordingly. We ensure they get enough storage space by using storage cabinets and open shelves to display their toys.

Creative Platform For Kids Room

Joyful & Learning Friendly

Providing a hobby nook at the corner could be a joyful creative platform for kids. Where they can color and craft things or read story books. It will keep them busy and help in their mental development.

Kids' Room Interior Design Service By Rongin Interior Solution

Benefits of Our Kids' Room Interior Design Service

Our professional designers will help you optimize every aspect of your space with 100% efficiency. They will ensure that your kids’ room interior is:

  • Designed efficiently and quickly.
  • Well furnished.
  • Enhanced Safety.
  • Matched your requirements.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Reduced time and budget-friendly costs.
Steps of Kids Room Interior Design

Steps of Kids Room Interior Design

  • Client Consultation and site inspection.
  • Design Planning.
  • Design Development.
  • Project Delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mounted book cabinets are fantastic! They can be adapted to your wall space and be as tall as you wish or require for the room.

We use strategies that save space while maintaining sibling relationships and creating stylish decor in your kid's shared bedrooms.

We use cheerful themes and items that kids will enjoy.